There is something to be gained from buying a house from the homebuilders who work side by side with the craftsmen building your home.

Peace of mind!
Peace of mind in a job well done.
Peace of mind that comes from living in a home that will weather the test of time.
Peace of mind in a sound investment.

Chris Collins began framing houses for Lincoln’s best homebuilders shortly after he graduated with a construction management degree form Alexandria Technical Institute more than 20 years ago.

With over 20 years of home building expertise, Chris knows how to build a house that keeps its “new ” home feel long after the welcome gifts have worn out. What makes a house a home? Meticulous attention to detail is the difference between a house that just looks nice and what makes a home a place to build lasting memories.

At OnCenter Homes, we understand there are shortcuts that can make it quicker and easier to build a house but Chris believes that a house he builds is a home he would want to live in. And that means room for family to be together. Step into an OnCenter built home and you will find yourself gravitating to the most lived in area of a home, the great room. By centralizing the kitchen and living room into a more cohesive area, family members will naturally spend more quality
time together.

Details such as nine-foot ceilings in the basement, insulating basement walls to exceed code, interior and exterior drainage, are only some of the qualities that separate OnCenter Homes from the competition.

OnCenter Homes’ office is the job site where Chris can be found working side by side with the craftsmen building the peace of mind that a OnCenter Home exemplifies. So feel free to contact or stop by the OnCenter Homes office to talk to Chris about his home-building ideals.